CobDreams (MutaUnelmia)

Cobbing my cottage

This blog is about following my dream to build a small natural cottage in a forest in South of Finland, by using only my bare hands, some friends' help, as little money as possible and only natural materials from the surrounding environment (strawbale, wood and cob). The main building work was carried out over three months in the Summer of 2012 but there is still more work to be done, and here is the story.

Summer Rain

Summer rain is falling on the Finnish woods, sometimes accompanied by sunshine, at other times a bit of thunder and lightning. I don’t remember such a wet August for several years, although it pales in comparison to what I am used to in wetness, i.e. English Summers… I made an…

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Icing on the Cake

I landed in Finland on Tuesday night, during a heat-wave. This beautiful Northern landscape which enjoys long daylight hours in any case, is now a hot, sunny haven. Well, not a haven for everyone (are we ever totally happy about the weather?) but I personally would choose hot sun over…

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Autumn Winds

Whilst November rain is licking the windowpanes of my chilly London flat, I think about my little cottage by the edge of woods, wondering how the Autumn winds and freezing Finnish nights are treating my earthen baby. Even though the Fall in UK has been busy for me, making all…

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A Dragon In The Belly

The rain is pouring down, then eases into drizzle, then picks up strength again – and I listen to the drops hitting the roof of my parents’ house, making nature’s music. There hasn’t been many days this summer I have heard that song, fortunately, the clouds have often parted or…

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