About me


Magical art made with a nature heart.

I am a paper artist, surface pattern designer, illustrator and natural builder. With a deep love and connection to nature, I create enchanting designs and products, which give you a sprinkling of fairytale magic. Mother Nature inspires my work, regardless of the medium, she is also the co-creator of my hand sculpted natural cottage, Elämän Puu (Tree of Life), which I built by myself, with the help of family and friends, in my childhood forest in Southern Finland. The place and the art within, is a homage to the years I grew up exploring the flora and fauna, mysteries and fairytales in the woods near-by, peeking in the little hidey-holes, looking for, and believing in, faeries.

Most of my art has been created with those extrordinarily ordinary early experiences, which coloured my imagination and view of life. My subsequent move to UK over 20 years ago changed me further and I now dwell with my two children in the Shire of York, in a green valley near Hebden Bridge, near the woods of other kinds of faeries and fairy-tales.

I am a dreamer and a curious child by nature. Many years ago, I tried to force ideas into art, I now ask an idea: ‘what do you want to become?’ And then I let it. This gives me an infinite amount of freedom to play in my artistic work, and with multiple mediums. Like my friend once said, there is no perfection, just perception. 

 I am mainly self-taught as an illustrator and paper artist but have trained as a ceramicist and jewellery designer in the past. My formal training, interestingly, is in storytelling, as a film maker. This is why I am also interested in telling stories through my patterns, designs and images, and not treating them only as visually intriguing objects.

My work is available through my website and selected retailers in UK and overseas. I offer a selection of my products as wholesale, so please contact me for my catalogue if you are interested in stocking my work, or create a trade account with me.

My current stockists can be found here.

If you are interested in my natural building career, and/or want to participate in my natural building workshops in the magical surroundings in Southern Finland, please check out my blog and subscribe to my newsletter on my Contact page.

 With love,